Skip the Flip

Clients pick finishes and changes with our expert guidance and design to may your own project home.  Quality work you can live with.  Maybe your existing home you want to make better to use for living today. You gain the equity, not the flipper.  Help navigate the how to: financing, design, construction (bring your own contractors or work with our network of high quality contractors).

We provide project management services including: budget, contracts, schedule, and resources.

Purchase Flipped HouseComparisonSkip the Flip
$450,000Sales Price$315,000
$90,000 (20%)Down Payment$15,750 (5%)
$360,000Mortgage Amount$299,250
$2,282Monthly Payment (including estimated taxes & ins)$2,021
$0Improvement Cost$75,000
$0Skip the Flip Fee$5,000
$6,750Closing Cost (estimated)$4,725
$450,000Final Property Value$425,000
$96,750Final out of pocket cash$100,475
$90,000Final Equity$125,750