Renovation & New Construction

When looking for a new home, or assessing if you should stay in your existing home, the question about renovating to meet your needs comes up. Having Pearl House on our side from the begging can be an huge advantage in finding the right home within your total budget.

Want to actually enjoy a renovation? Well, okay, as much as one can. Our design and project management services take some of the burden and stress and time off of you to coordinate everything. We can work with your or our architects, engineers, general contractors and suppliers.

Let us help you make decisions that provide the best value to help you get the most of your budget, potential of your home and maximize your investment.

Creating a space you truly feel at home in.

Building or renovating a house involves a lot of decisions, it can easily become a full time job just trying to manage it all.

We can help with:

  • Full kitchen design, we specialize in efficient kitchen layouts and plan for how you use the space the most. I plan down to the drawers and include smart design layouts like: Ice/Water/Stone/Fire and zone planning.
  • Material Selections: plumbing fixtures, lighting, flooring, color coordination/paint, tile, etc.
  • Spatial planning for how you want to live and move within the space. Will take into account what existing furniture and special pieces you have or need to acquire. Don’t build a house to find out your furniture doesn’t fit!

Let’s build something together!

Get in touch to discuss your specific goals and I can share how my experience can help bring the project together for you.