5 things I look at in a home

As a REALTOR®, I know clients are going to hit the main things: kitchen, baths, beds, flooring, etc. When I view a home I help point out these 5 things that might be overlooked:


The direction each room faces provides clues to how the home lives throughout the day, including light and temperature. East facing rooms will bright and sunny in the morning – these make great breakfast rooms and bedrooms. Main living spaces like family rooms and patios are great when southern facing.

There is no “best” orientation, instead its personal to how you live and use the space.

Natural Light

I am looking for how many windows are in each room and how they filter light into the house. Which direction are the windows facing, at what time of day does it get its best light and how will you live in each space. I love a good bedroom with windows on two separate walls – perfect for cross ventilation.

I am also looking at window treatments that are standard items that will stay with the home in most cases (blinds, shades, hardware) and what is not included (drapes and curtains).


I am looking for mature trees that are hard to replace. What shade are they offering the house? Are they evergreen or will they lose leaves in the winter? Does the tree appear healthy?

Is the landscape low maintenance? or nonexistent? Mature landscaping takes time, so understanding what state the landscaping is in can help inform clients.


How well are the properties on the street maintained? What are property values of surrounding homes? How are the views of your neighbors in the back yard? Do you have the privacy you need? How close are we to amenities (parks, stores, restaurants)?


How you move around the home is essential to how you will feel once you move into the space. Do you have to walk around furniture to cross the home? Does its function and flow align with how you will use the space?

This includes considering any major furniture pieces you may have, making sure the bedroom supports a good layout. I carry a laser measure device to assist clients with quick measurement checks.


Since these are more subjective items, they may make it hard to compare properties. You may not get everything you want. Maybe the flow is less than ideal, but it has a prefect orientation and great mature landscaping. These are all things I can help you explore and discuss against your goals in homeownership.

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