How to update your kitchen without a major renovation

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Here are great ways to accomplish a refreshed kitchen without major demo and renovation.


Clean your cabinets – like seriously clean them; inside and out. Use a degreaser, then go back and clean them again

Swap out the door and drawer hardware – look for similar sized hole openings, look to mix knobs (doors) and pulls (drawers) for a custom look

Paint the cabinets for a fresh new look – see words of advice below!


Change out light fixtures – find ones that complement your existing style but offer an updated look

Change out your faucet. whether you are getting the latest technology (no touch) or changing out style or finish


Install a backsplash – this is often a smaller job and easier to tackle than a whole kitchen makeover and it can dramatically change your kitchen

Paint the walls with a fresh color


Examine what you have on your countertops: 

Do you have too much stuff crowding the countertops that makes the room look cluttered? Do you use that blender daily, weekly, or hardly ever?  If you do not use it frequently, find a new place to store it. 

Do you have décor on top of your cabinets?  Is it old, dusty, or maybe no longer your style? Take it down, clean it and consider the simplified view of the blank space


Get a new throw rug or runner

Add some greenery – fresh herbs or small houseplants look great in a windowsill

Change out artwork to reflect your new or updated style


Update your appliances – average life expectancy of kitchen appliances: ranges 15 years, refrigerator 13 years, and dishwasher and microwaves last approx 9 years. If yours are not old, give them a good cleaning and polish that stainless steel!


Swap out chairs, stools or dining table for a new look

Words of advice

Keep your color tones in the same family.  If the cabinets and countertops are warm, don’t try to install cool tone tiles or paint.  Even if you love the color or tile, they must work with everything else in your space, including the style and architecture of your home.

Don’t run out and buy all new stuff that matches! Second hand and thrift stores are great places to get some good pieces that you can find to reflect your style without the trend and the matchy matchy look that will be dated within time.  Your kitchen should reflect you, find pieces that speak to you and your style

Painting cabinetry – I don’t recommend the average homeowner try this themselves if they are looking for a quality finish to stand up to the abuse kitchen cabinets take.  Simply put, hire a professional

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